Massive Civic Engagement

Requires Local Political News Coverage

Curating the politicians, writers and thinkers devoted to civic and societal impact across 64 cities

POLS News is a non-commercial hyperlocal news network that comprehensively curates the local political media across 100 major US cities.
POLS News fills the void of local political news coverage in many cities, and embraces community inclusivity by giving voice to non-traditional newsmakers – politicians, community leaders, civic groups and bloggers – that directly impact the electorial process.
Curated contributors to POLS News
  • Politicians – mayors, city council, representatives
  • Publishers of political news, articles parsed by city
  • Local news, parsed by political topic
  • Local political bloggers
  • Civic organizations serving the election process
  • Civil liberties organizations
  • Political and election reform groups
  • Election support organizations like the League of Women Voters